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May 20, 2020

Our company recently saw the test results (Modified TEB-APR-STP-0059) of the CDC agency in the United States and found that the products were manufactured by the other company and were counterfeit and
shoddy products, which caused great economic losses and negative effects on our company. From the product pictures published by the US CDC agency, many differences can be seen. Three photos attached
as follows:
1. The brand logo on the inner packaging does not match. Our company’s product brand logo has a graphic file, but the CDC’s inner packaging brand logo does not. (Reference to Figure 1 )
2. The product implementation standards are different. The products announced by CDC implement the CE FFP2 standard, and our company’s products implement the national standard GB2626-2006 KN95 standard. (Reference to Figure 1 )
3. The “For Non Medical Use” non-medical mark is marked on the inner packaging of our products, but the packaging pictures published by CDC do not. The text and color contents of the packaging pictures published by CDC do not match the content of our products. (Reference to Figure 1 & 2 )
4. The earband spot welding lines do not match, our products are oval embossed, CDC announced pictures are rectangular embossed. (Reference to Figure 3 )
5. The pattern of the outer and middle molds of the product is inconsistent. The outer periphery of our product is three rows of small dots, CDC announced that it is two rows of rectangular dots.
The center of our product is a rectangular dot, and the CDC picture is a dot.
6. The CDN has published the KN95 on the left and right sides of the product picture, and our products only have KN95 on one side. (Reference to Figure 3 )
7. The products issued by CDC have no certificate of conformity, and each of the company’s products has a product certificate of conformity in the smallest package.

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